Field Camp 2017

   The Geoscience Field Camp in Ukraine 2017, which successfully passed in late August 2017, had several main objectives. First of all, it gave participants an opportunity to gain field experience in solving archeological problems by geophysical methods. Secondly, the Geoscience Field Camp in Ukraine 2017 collected foreign participants in Ukraine and showed them the beauty of Ukrainian nature and the magic of Ukrainian culture.

  Thirdly, this international event integrated Ukrainian students in international research life in order to promote geophysics as a science and lifestyle. Fourthly, it mobilized the opportunities of a student chapter in Kyiv National University and inspired to continue the next activities.
  As a result, besides fulfilling the above-mentioned goals, the Field Camp helped the city of Kamyanets-Podilsky to find buried underground archaeological sites and locate potentially interesting sites for diving archaeological research. In addition, close cooperation and friendship between the Ukrainian chapter and chapters from Poland, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Egypt and Romania was initiated.
   Thanking SEG, 19 people from 8 different countries become good friends and get incredible experience from working together.


Kamianets-Podilskyi was the main location of the Field Camp. This city can be found in the south western part of Ukraine, in 60 kilometers far from the Romanian-Ukrainian border.

Also all participants have been in the capital of Ukraine – Kyiv city where the preparing part of the Camp was held.


  • GPR Survey 
  • Magnetic Measurements
  • Near Surface Seismic Survey
  • ERT Survey


   After the working days in Kamianets-Podilskyi the field trip around interesting geological places was done. Firstly, participants were going to the longest gypsim cave system in the world – Optimistychna cave where they were spending some time for explouring this geological feature. Then, the best outcrops in the “Podilsky Tovtry” National Park of Sulyrian limestouns, sandstouns and shale were discovered in banks of Dnister river. It is the biggest river in the region.

Thank you for organizing such a great event!
Thank you for your commitment, for your time for your sleepless nights.
It was unforgetable experience to meet people with all over the world, share the knowledge and learning new things, during the measurements and great field trip;)
This time was very useful for me as a geophysicist. I got a lot of new skills in field activities and I am happy that I tried geophysics for solving archeological problems that I have never tried before. I also liked to try new equipment! I cannot forget new area that I explored. Everything was really interesting. I think that such student`s activities are very important part of professional growing. As a result I am glad that I had this experiance and sure that I will use it in my career.
Thank you all sponsors and organizers for making this possible.

Malwina Natkaniec