Field camp 2018

SEG Geoscience Field Camp in Ukraine 2018 was project held by students from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv Geophysical Society. Field Camp took place from 20th to 27th of August 2018 in Kyiv and Borshchiv. The area of investigation was situated in the western part of Ukraine in Ternopil region. It is famous for gypsum caves. The world’s largest currently known gypsum cave is Optimistichna and it is the second longest cave of any type known in the world. The five longest gypsum caves, all located in Borshchiv district. Object of our investigation was Verteba cave. It is not only famous for its geology, but for its archeological merit too.


Measurements were carried out on the surface, above the cave, as well as in the cave for three days. During the Field Camp ERT, GPR, magnetic survey, UAV-based surveying, tacheometry and GPS positioning were conducted. The main goal of the conducted methods was geological and archaeological prospection of sulphate karstic landscape of Verteba maze cave.

The event hosted 23 participants from 9 different countries, who became good friends and earned incredible experience from working together!