Field Camp 2019

   SEG Geoscience Field Camp in Ukraine 2019 was project held by students from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv Geophysical Society, informally hereinafter called Kyiv SEG Student Chapter. Field Camp took place from 11th to 18th of August 2019 in Uzhgorod. The area of investigation was located in the western part of Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine. The main objectives of the investigation were paleovolcanoes and their structures.

   The territory had unique geological features that participants were trying to investigate. The Field Camp had several aims. First of all, this unique area gave participants the opportunity to use geophysical methods to investigate volcanoes. Secondly, participants gained skills and experience in using ERT, GPR, magnetic and radiometric surveys, seismic, and UAV-based surveying with GPS positioning. Thirdly, the Geoscience Field Camp in Ukraine 2019 gathered foreign participants in Ukraine and showed them the beauty of Ukrainian nature and the magic of Ukrainian culture. Also, teamwork and a collaborative learning process facilitated the exchange of ideas and opinions between participants.

Last but not least, the project was solemnly student-lead what showed participants the availability and necessity of promoting geosciences. As a result of international integration, GFCU 2019 motivated participants from Croatia and Hungary to organize the joint field camp in summer 2020. Board of our chapter is going to help and support their endeavors in every possible way.

 All in all, the main objective was to give participants the “steering wheel” and let them lead the whole scope of geophysical measurements on their own as a real team. As a result, 3 teams have shown outstanding results both in gaining technical and team-building skills. For that, Kyiv SEG Chapter is very grateful to the SEG, SEG Foundation, TGS and all other sponsors who made this event come true. Because of GFCU 2019, 16 participants from 7 different countries gained outstanding relationships friends and earned incredible experience.



After measurements and hard work in field, we wanted our students to feel comfortable and relaxed. To hold attention and interest of people of different ages and nationalities we made some quizzes using the website Kahoot. This time we also had teams but different from the field ones. Interesting topics of the game and team spirit made guys really love that kind of entertainment. This helped people to build strong connections between the team members.

The weather in Uzhgorod region is so fast-changing, one day was so hot and dry and the other day was rainy and windy. We were lucky to stay in Zinedine Sport-Hotel, which has 2 swimming pools on its territory: indoor and outdoor, we visited both of them and had a great time there comparing active and healthy entertainment. We made some swimming competitions between different teams, played volleyball and after got some tan.

One of the most memorable impressions was after visiting one of the oldest wine cellar in Ukraine. We discovered interesting historical facts about Uzhgorod and nearest countries connected with the area of our Field Camp. We have experienced degustation of home-made wine.


" I really enjoyed that we did the acquisition, processing and interpretation of the data by ourselves. I learned a lot about team work and communication. Also, everyone from organizing team members to participants ware active and involved in creating this field camp one of the best I have participated in. Great job in choosing the participants. You really made me feel welcomed into your country and hearts. "
Catalina Lacatusu

" In total i loved this field camp, the organization, the hotel, transportation, and problem solving things were 10/10. The fields were very good, i really loved that part. the last night was totally the best one, that was awesome Also, i met with UAV there and now I am learning it with my own drone right now, so its totally worth to me "
András Sörös
" Dear Roma, I am so happy that I decided to come to SEG camp in Ukraine. I am even happier that I chose the one in your organization for my first camp. I would like to thank you and whole team, primarily for the excellent organization of the whole camp, from the accommodation, food, transportation and other stuff that made our stay there unforgettable. Furthermore, I want to praise your patience in measuring, processing and presenting everything we done. Also, I'm so grateful to have you as my mentor and to have the opportunity to learn from you. Thank you for everything that you have taught us in such a short time. I could write a whole novel, but it doesn't make sense, so I'll thank you again. I'm glad I had the opportunity to be a part of your camp so you could show me the great benefits of field camp and learning new things in an easier and more interesting way. It encouraged me about establishing SEG and trying to organize the first SEG camp in Croatia. Hopefully my plans will go at least half as well as your camp, of course, you will be invited. "
Andrea Klaric