The student chapter was created and called “Kyiv University Geophysical Society” on the 2-nd of February 2002. Pavlo Gryschuk played the most significant role in the creation of the chapter.The student chapter was extremely popular in first years of its existence. In the next years the chapters was attended by many international lecturers: Aldo Vesnaver, Per Avseth, Ian Jones and others. Students of the chapter have also participated many times in different events. Eugene Ustenko has attended IBA (Imperial Barrel Award) and SEP (Students Education Program). Members of “Kyiv University Geophysical Society” have participated in different geo-meetings in London, Copenhagen and Prague. Our mentor has also attended Workshop of Faculty Advisors SEG in Houston (2009) and Denver (2010). But by the year of 2011 almost all active members of the student chapter have graduated from the university. This started a “black” stripe in the history of “Kyiv University Geophysical Society”. Only Tatiana Ilchenko has attended SLS 2012 in Las Vegas and some other meetings in Houston in this period. The autumn of 2014 can be considered as the beginning of a new era in the SEG student chapter`s history. It started to be as active as never. Out student chapter has been presented on the 85th SEG Annual Meeting that was held in New Orleans, LA by the faculty adviser who took part at SEG Faculty Advisors Workshop and by Oleh Loshakov who participated in Student Leadership Symposium sponsored by Chevron. After this our members participated in a lot of different scientific programs and conferences. Among them IBA (Imperial Barrel Award) (Czech republic) SEG/AAPG Field Camp (Hungary), SEG 2016 Field Camp (Poland), The 4th AAPG European Student Chapter Leadership Days (Hunhary), The 5th Budapest Education Days (Hungary) TU1208 COST Training school (Croatia), and the other field and workshop activities can be mentioned. Also the vice-president of the chapter 2016 Olena Rybnikova visited the 86th SEG Annual Meeting in Dallas and took a part in SLS program sponsored by Chevron. We are proud of our president of 2015-2018 Anatolii Chernv who was working at the 22nd Ukrainian Antarctic Expedition as a geophysicist in 2017-218. Summer of 2017 was a really important period for the Kyiv University Geophysical Society because the first SEG Geoscience Field Camp was organized by the student chapter. It gathered 19 participants from 8 different countries at the city of Kamianets-Podilskiy where geophysical surveys were applied with a goal to investigate possible archeological l objects. In September 2017, Olena Krasnikova participated at the SLS in Houston.2018 was extremely full of different activities within the chapter`s life: summarizing of experience of the Field Camp 2017, organizing the new Field Camp and its successful realization, in-school activities for children around the whole Ukraine, numerous attendance of Field Camps around Europe, participation of Oleh Loshakov and Oleh Petrokushyn at the SLS and SEP during the 88-th SEG Annuel Meeting that had place in Anaheim, California. During this meeting Kyiv University Geophysical Society was awarded as the Best SEG Student Chapter 2018 what was big honer for us.In 2019, Anatolii Chernov became a new faculty adviser of the Student Chapter.